The Universe in all senses

June 9 - 10 - 11

Humanity has always wondered about its place in the Universe, and Astronomy ignites passion and curiosity in people of all ages and culture. The wonder of the starry sky and the beauty of the Universe act as a guide in this Festival, where Astronomy enthusiasts, children and grown-ups will meet astronomers and amateur astronomers, and will discover the passion which drives scientific research and dissemination.

In this third edition of the Festival, all of the activities will be multi-sensory, namely they will include not only visual elements, but also tactile and sound elements. In this way, all visitors, sighted and blind, will have equal access to Astronomy, and will discover new ways to explore the Universe. A weekend of science, in which streets and courtyards of Castellaro Lagusello will be the backdrop to the festival. The public will be welcomed by an exhibition which will wind along the main road, guiding visitors to the entrance of the village. The courtyards will host interactive workshops for children of all ages and grown-ups. Public lectures will be organized, as well as shows and observations with amateur telescopes. Images from the main astronomical observatories will be projected upon the Tower and on the outside wall of Villa Arrighi, accompanied by sound. In the many events of the Festival, astronomy will intertwine with art, literature, philosophy, psychology, and music. "Then we came out ....to listen once again to the stars".

Admission free to all events and activities

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