The Universe in all senses


Festival of Astronomy

June 7 - 8 - 9

The presence of humanity on Earth is a brief trace immersed in the vastness of a Universe that seems to have existed since time immemorial. The alternation of the light of day and the darkness of night, the cycle of the lunar phases, the rhythm of the seasons regulate the course of our lives and are intertwined with the majestic dance of the celestial bodies and the history of the Universe. The wonder that the starry sky and the beauty of the cosmos generate in us are our guides in this fourth edition of the Festival where astronomy is intertwined with art, literature, philosophy, psychology and music, accompanying us on a fascinating journey on the trail of time.

As in previous editions, all the activities of the Festival are multi-sensory, including not only visual elements, but also tactile and sound. In this way all visitors can have equal access to the knowledge of astronomy and discover new ways of exploring the Universe, in every sense.

Admission free to all events and activities

Our goal for the 2024 edition is to consolidate and improve support and services for visitors with disabilities. In particular, we want visitors with disabilities to be able to orient themselves in the Festival locations autonomously and independently and to be able to enjoy the program of activities in the most complete way possible. To achieve this goal, we need your precious help.

The donations that will be collected will be fundamental to implement the following initiatives: